Monday, March 5, 2007

shopping delight

Shopping is a great source of delight. Yesterday afternoon after we had encashed the Google check with Optimum Traders Love, Dewey and myself drove to Cang's Inc. to buy some curtains but ended up forgetting to buy them. We were so engrossed in choosing and fitting clothes that we forgot what we came there for. We only remembered it on the way back home. It sounds funny but this is the second time that this happened. The last time was about a year ago when we decided to buy some plastic flower pots. So we went to Super Lee for that purpose but wound up buying a lot of other stuff except flower pots. We remembered them only when we reached home. Shopping is fun but when we are immersed in it, oftentimes we miss the most important things to buy. As a result of that impulsive shopping expedition, here's what we got for ourselves: Dewey got a pair of pink step-ins, a cool blue dress, a toy, and some knickers. Love got herself some new set of panties, four maternity dresses, and a pair of white flat shoes. For myself, I got a light brown Secosana bag , a pair of sandals to match it, and a couple of undies. No curtains. While driving home, Love asked me if I was able to get some curtains. I said no, was she? No, she hadn't either.


Chem said...

yes its a usual way on girls but us men are not that way were focus on what we will buy.

gRamiraf said...

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