Monday, March 12, 2007

two friends visit

Before the day ends I know I have to visit two friends' sites whose owners came for a quick tour. Both of them belong to Mylot community where I am also a member and how glad I was to find their "footprints" or links so I could graciously return the favor. I will be talking about each weblog after I have made my visit. For easy reference, you might want to check out these sites and see what these two intelligent beings have for us in their sites--- and Alas, when I tried to take a trip to their sites, I found out that the first url is non-existent or could not be found. I wonder what my Mylot friend will say to this. I was able to open to the second site where I was met in bold letters by this title--HIGHLY RECOMMENDED BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES. However, I wasn't even there for 5 seconds and a box came out informing me that the site could not be opened. I now think their sites might be experiencing some trouble so I am postponing the visit when the weather is fine. All in all, I'm quite satisfied with what I have accomplished today. I'll talk about that later. I need to rush to the post office to mail a very urgent letter. If you're lucky, I might even tell you about it.

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cwilson26 said...

Hi there,

Thanks for mentioning my blog but I wonder why you weren't able to see it? This really worries me because my stats on show that I get up to 20 visits a day and if my blog is having problems then this is not good for my visitors. I just recently got a new subscriber and I am very happy about that but I better figure out what the reason for this to be happening. I will look into it and hopefully get it straightened out but in the meantime could you please keep trying to visit so you can do the review? I would very much appreciate it. I have mentioned your blog also and would very much like to do a link exchange with you. I have already exchanged links with many others and would very much like to add you to my list. Here is the link if you would like to add it to your list of links:

I am getting ready to start my blogchex blog and I'm going to use it for my blog reviews. I already have lots of blogs bookmarked including yours and I am going to review those first. The very first review I'm going to do is yours since you got this started in the first place. I know in my last comment to you I said I was going to start the new blog then but I haven't had the time until now. When I'm done I will come back here and add a new comment with the link for you to check it out. Thanks so much. :)

P.S What browser do you use? I know Firefox is best to use when viewing my blog because I have talked to a few people who still use Internet Explorer and had to bring up Firefox because they couldn't view my blog in IE. I would recommend Firefox even if it wasn't for my blog because they are so much better than IE. If you aren't already using it then you should because my computer hasn't crashed once since I have started using it. If you need the link let me know. I think you can just go to or but I'm not sure. Also I am going to be doing a few blog reviews on my blogger blog for because they have this thing that if you do 50 word reviews for blogs that are on their site then the more reviews you do the more exposure you get for yours. Go to and check it out. :)