Wednesday, March 28, 2007

then fuming, now ranting

My blood pressure went up this morning during the final exams of my three classes because one proctor, who is a parttime teacher, did not appear to do her duty of proctoring one of my classes! That would have been fine if I was not in charge of one class for I could always take over. Through a student I relayed the problem to the staff of the office in charge of scheduling and assigning of proctors but was told that I look for a teacher to do the proctoring! I was like "What? That is not my problem anymore. Getting someone to proctor and scheduling of exams are within their turf and now they are asking me to trouble-shoot this problem they have created? I was almost forced to use effing words at that time. There is no way they could make me do that because I was tending over one class! Don't they see the mess they are creating everytime parttimers are assigned to proctor outside of their class, they always do not appear to do their work. This whole thing bothered the students involved in that class so they went to the office and got told to have the exam rescheduled because no one will proctor. So when these students came to me for rescheduling I told them to let the office do that because my work does not include scheduling or rescheduling of exams. Finally, after almost an hour of waiting, the office sent a proctor. Now that is what I call "Pinoy style of management". Do we ever wonder at all why we remain locked up in caves?

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