Tuesday, March 13, 2007

when work interferes with family and vice versa

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Much as we all would like to be good in all aspects of our life-work, family, and community involvement-sometimes we cannot help it but neglect one or two of them. We just can't be in two places at the same time. For example, you are in the middle of your work at your office. All of a sudden you get a call telling you to be at a certain hospital because someone in the family is sick. What do you do ? Of course, you drop everything you're doing and rush to the hospital. It's a natural reaction which I believe is very much related to our instinct for survival. During moments like these, we come to grips with our values and priorities in life. In extreme cases when we are made to choose between two loves, we always hang on to our family. I've done this several times in the past when my two grown children were still kids. I'd skip work just to bring a sick child to a doctor. I've never left this task with anyone else. When it comes to hospital appointments, it was and is always me and this morning I have proven it again with my granddaughter Dewey. I had to miss three classes just to bring her to Dr. Leo Bollos, her pediatrician and a resident physician at the Silliman University Medical Center.


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STCAJO said...

I work in the oilpatch so I always seem to miss the big things in mykids life. I have decided that its not worth it anymore so I always make time for them before my job now