Friday, March 9, 2007

sunny Saturday morning

I woke up to see the sun up and hear the cheery chirpings of birds either flying or perched on trees nearby. It is a sunny Saturday morning and in the neighborhood where I live with my family, there are many trees that become homebase to many birds. We have our own bird at home and two chickens which my children keep as pets. We have a lot of other pets like two dogs, hamsters, some fish and some white mice, most of them fed and maintained by my son Mark who has taken to a new hobby of collecting these small animals. Well, what's new today? Nothing much, except for the fact that Saturdays always give me an extra lift, a feeling of being "high" simply because on these days I am free to do as I please----no schedules to catch, no classes to meet. It is only during Saturdays and Sundays that I get to really be free.

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dave dales said...

I agree of what u said miss that only during saturday and sunday that we can really be free..we can rest well and do what we really classes to attend, no assignments, no projects, no reports, and other things that are related in school works..actually this day is my favorite day...oh well, i know must of us consider it as a nice and happy day..

by: dave dales, BBA-2