Thursday, March 29, 2007

have they read this blog?

I doubt it. But two blogs ago, I expressed my observation regarding the road repair these people were supposed to be doing along Daro area and which did not actually amount to anything after a long period of inconvenience. When the road blocks were removed, we saw no progress at all except for the gravel spread all over the area. Today, when I travelled to West City Elementary School ( my alma mater) to deliver a graduation speech the road was blocked again obviously for completion or start of real road work. Both outlets are barricaded so commuters and other vehicle owners will have to take a round-about turn to reach the other end. I thought, have they read the blog? I guess not but I am glad anyway that they will now do something about those rocks and gravel that are giving the taxpayers a bumpy ride each time they take that road. Hopefully, whatever they are doing will be finished before elections for the convenience of everyone.

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