Sunday, March 11, 2007

increase your blog traffic

Hello. If you are someone like me who are new to blogging, I need only three seconds of your time for you to read and understand the entire invitation. How's your site moving? Do you repeatedly hear the sounds of coins finding their way into your Google adsense? I know it's hard. Newbies like us will have little staying chance against those who've been ahead in the game and have gained some ample foothold in the business. Yes, blogging is not just a personal diary or journal but it's also about business. It can give you some serious income if you only get enough hits for your blog. How do you drive traffic into your blog site? I am sure that you are aware of the existence of sites that promise to help you get traffic into your site. But it is not as easy as that. You will be caught up in a maze of many other sites wanting you to sign up with them until you drop. That scenario happened to me. I had to give up after spending an hour clicking here and there and not getting a single traffic to my site. So here's the invitation. If all of us new unknown bloggers will get together and pledge tie-up with each other by exchanging links, taking time to visit as well as blog about each other's blog, then that could amount to a lot of traffic! Let us get started now. Leave your links under "Comment", then I will take a look at your blogs and write my opinion about them. That is promoting your site. You can do the same with mine and you can start a similar blog in your site designed to get maximum participation from all new bloggers.


cwilson26 said...

Hi there,

You responded to my discussion on Mylot and asked me to leave my link here. This is a very good idea you have with reviewing other blogs. Here is my link:

I have started a blog at where you can get paid for blogging and I'm going to use that one for my poems and short stories I write. I am getting ready to start another blog at blogchex where I heard you get paid to blog also and I'm thinking of using that one for my reviews on other peoples blogs. I do have another one about my life with depression at but I haven't posted in awhile because I'm constantly busy with everything else online but I know I need to get to it soon. I have yet another one at that I started just because I wanted to try it out but I am probably going to delete it because I thought I would have the time to keep up with all of them but I don't. So I'm just going to concentrate on my main one. the link I just gave you, and the bloggerparty and blogchex. Every once in awhile I will write a post in my depression one but I'm not worried about that getting any traffic because it is mainly just to get my frustration out so it doesn't matter if anyone reads that.

Someone else on Mylot had this idea about doing blog reviews but I haven't heard anything about it from him since and that was a couple of weeks ago. Anyway this is a very good idea and I will post a review for your blog in my blog chex blog once I get it started later today. Thank you for your help in getting traffic. :) If you would like to exchange links please leave me a comment on my blog and let me know. I will be happy to add your link to mine. Thanks again.

Brittany said...

I justed started up a blog to chronicle my experiences starting up a jewelry business on the side of going to school and working 2 jobs. I only have one post up right now, but I will be updating again tomorrow. I also just enrolled in google adsense, so I'm waiting to hear back from them. My link is

Thank you! I promise my site will be better within a week or so, if you would like to wait to review it until this weekend you can.

Brit said...

sorry, I posted the link wrong. it is actually

STCAJO said...

You are so right. I will be successful at this and that is a commitment to myself but with the help of people like yourself and hard work it will be very rewarding.

Bobo the Bimbo said...

Hi! I think that's a great idea. My link is:

This idea of blog review on our own blogs to help each other is great. I'll blog about your blog right away. :)

Tommy Chieng said...

Great stuff. Will be back for more. Cheers.