Sunday, March 11, 2007

this boy is in love with Mylot and Giordano

I casually met this online friend at Mylot forum where he expressed his concern regarding improving traffic in his site. I posted a response and after a few hours, I found his link in my other blog site at
Wasting no time I made my visit to his site and at a glance I knew that I was in a boy's blog site. All the clues were there, the page design, the trendy stuff and the youthful language told me that the site owner is a young guy of Asian origin. He loves to wear Giordano clothes and is currently very much involved with Mylot, a discussion site where the blogger frequently hangs out. This guy's site is a combination of everything. It is a blog, a helpful search engine, and a store. I was amused by his account of a girl he knows could be suffering from some "mental illness". You may want to read this boy's rant about his brother's ex-gf who he calls "mentally ill".

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