Tuesday, March 13, 2007

what a person wears is none of our business

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The business of choosing what to wear everyday when you work or study in a no-uniform office or school can sometimes sap you of your energy spending the whole morning changing from one dress to another. Women are like that. They do not seem to decide very fast in matters of what to wear on this day and that. I know of someone who would fit every dress and blouse in her closet every time she goes out. When she does not like what she sees, she'd toss it to the floor and wear another. This would go on and on until she comes to the last dress or blouse there is, then scavenges from among the pile of clothes on the floor until finally deciding on one with much reluctance. Who decides what you wear in the end? You. No one can dictate to you what you should wear because it is you who will be wearing it. When others give their unasked for comments about what you are wearing, what do you do? Do you rush home to change? No, you don't. You simply tell the person to mind her own business and not put yourself into so much hassle trying to please them. What you wear everyday becomes you and that is your business.


reynalyn said...

having our own style of carrying up clothes is a way of showing our personality... being fashionate is a way of expressing ones freedom.. wear clothes in your own style, you dont need to follow latest fashion just to be in... uniqueness comes from own style and to the person whos wearing it... go and be fashionate in your own way! have it your way...:)


Anonymous said...

we have different ways to dress our self...the way we dress up is a one way of showing our pesonality...its iether fashionable or not!! just be your self and don't pretend that you are fashionable..be what you are and follow your own style in dressing up..so guysdon't mind what others may say...:)

rebecca entea