Thursday, March 29, 2007

why I do not like insurance companies

My first bitter experience with an insurance company happened years ago when I was a fresh graduate from college. No, I did not work in one but my mother when I was a student had been religiously paying on a daily basis to this insurance company which promised her the moon and the stars. I have vivid recollections of the company's collector going to the house everyday to collect payment from my mother. The insurance money was supposed to be accessible anytime the member wants to quit. My mother must have been paying this company for over two years when a tragedy happenned to her. She slipped on the floor and broke her bones and she needed operation. Through the collector my mother expressed her desire to use her insurance for medical purposes. She was promised yes and asked to fill out a form. But months rolled by and nothing came out of that claim. The collector had stopped coming to the house and we soon found out that he had been pocketing much of what he had collected from my mother. Much of her payments were not reflected on her ledger because the collector did not remit the payment money. My poor innocent mother had been receiving fake receipts or unofficial receipts for her payments. This time I stepped into the picture and wrote a lengthy letter to the main branch in Manila while at the same time sent the same copies to major newspapers in the country for publication. It was only then when we finally got some positive action from them. My second bad experience with insurance companies happened about three years ago when this certain company tried to change their rules for whatever reasons just to avoid payment. I had to get a lawyer to write the company a letter demanding for the right amount. It was only then when we got what was right. It is no wonder then why most people have negative feelings about insurance companies because they seem to be too eager to get your money but when it's payback time, they use all sorts of delatory tactics or avoidance schemes.

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Chem said...

but on the other hand insurance companies does help us. i dont have much problem with insurance companies.