Saturday, March 24, 2007

McDonald's is here!

Another famous name in the food industry has found a good timing to open at such a time when schools and universities are busy churning out graduates to the pride and happiness of parents. Good cause for celebration and what better way to treat the family than to bring everyone after the ceremonies to the nearest fast-food restaurant. We passed by McDonald's and were amazed to see a long queue of people patiently waiting for their turn under the heat of the mid-day sun! What is this? Is it the food which they surely have not tasted yet or plain curiousity which made these people line up to wait? On the other hand, the other fast-food which is as popular is also not to be outshined. Their Jollibee mascots were put to work, as loud music and a band around the city gave everyone the impression that there is healthy competition going on around here in this small city of ours called the City of Gentle People or the University Town. the crew of Chowking, yet another food house, are extra nice and fast. With the mushrooming of these fastfood restos, we can easily conclude that people in this city are indeed eating.


Anonymous said...

Mc'donalds restaurant is god qualityof the buniness.even if many restaurant compet.becouse people known the Mc' donalds.the food of Mc' donalds is not dilicious,there a own test when we eat the food.

Preciluce C. Gahob
time:12 pm.

Chem said...

mcddonalds is a great food chain. im verymuch pleae with their service.

DAVE DALES said...

the new craze of the dumaguetenos was been opened and in fact after how many weeks since it was opened there are still many people who are going there..they may be curious of what mcdonald's are offering to the customers and also there food and so amuse that our attitude as a filipino people will show how curious we are in new things..i just hope that mcdonalds will continue to prosper in our the other food chains.

by: dave dales, BBA-2