Sunday, March 18, 2007

when dogs are in heat

My post on this subject at deals with truths and facts about this cycle that occurs in female dogs at least twice a year. My blog here is more of a rant about having a female dog in heat around the house.

This early morning I had to jump out of bed upon hearing the sounds of angry dogs fighting and one dog crying like it was being butchered just outside the house. I was thinking of Lara, our female dog who is having her first cycle and who has attracted all the male dogs in the neighborhood, and who could be hurt by those dogs fighting. Barely awake from my short sleep, I ran outside without slippers to make sure it wasn't Lara. Our other dog Pingping is on a leash inside the house so he's out of danger. Thank God, she's just fine inside the closed gates of the house while the male dogs hanging around outside glare and fight each other. This seems to be a long month for us with all the dogs hanging around and fighting day and night because our dog Lara is in heat and this is going to be the case for 3 weeks. Oh boy, I'm thinking of having her spayed after this. Any comments or suggestions on how to cope with a dog in heat?

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Chem said...

Dogs are like that. theres nothing you can do about it. male dogs would just find them. Just ignore it and soon it will go away.