Wednesday, March 14, 2007

sister act

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My younger sister who has a doctoral's degree in Psychology and is the current head of the Student Affairs Office in our school had her piece said during the disciplinary board conference having to do with a few student leaders who had been incriminated in burglary and malversation of funds. She, being the head of the said office, felt that so far, this is the greatest blow to her headship, since the most trusted students in the council, holding high positions, are the very persons who betrayed her trust and confidence involving thousands of pesos lost and allegedly stolen. The whole thing fumed her and raised her BP to a dangerous level when she started her rant in front of the disciplinary board. Someone who was there to witness her wrath said that she was literally "spitting fire" to the bewilderment of those around. Now this is the thing. This sister of mine had been always known to be kind, soft-spoken, and mild---according to them, she is my exact opposite but after witnessing her fiery speech they all made a singular conclusion: We are indeed sisters. I do not know whether to be happy about that or not.

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