Monday, February 19, 2007

sad, sad music

Last night as I was working on my discussions at Mylot and doing a blog at I was filled with so much sadness when the radio played one very touching and painful song, "Somewhere In Time". The music just brought in a flood of memories from lost youth and suddenly I realized the depth of loneliness this music creates each time I hear it. I used "Somewhere in Time" as background music to a radio program I used to have many years back and it was partly because of what the music did to my feelings which made me effectively deliver each life's story with great success. It was a radio program with DYWC entitled "Kini And akong Kaagi" where I used Inday Tess as radio name. Today, the music still succeeds in wringing my heart and bringing back memories that happened at a time and place so far away.

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