Tuesday, March 13, 2007

welcoming brittany to the world of blogging

Who is Brittany? I really don't know that much about this girl who came to give this site a visit and left her link http://tangerinesunshinejewelry.blogspot.com It is a new weblog concentrating on jewelry business. I really got excited about this because jewelry to most women is an important part of dressing. I am quite sure that this new site will have the attention of all girls, ladies, and women who are fond of jewelry and we're talking majority. I haven't seen the site yet because she suggested that it be visited after she had already put up other pages. The site is still in its infancy, so. But the site owner is someone to emulate. She works two jobs while at the same time manage to sneak in some time for school. And now she's starting her online jewelry business to add to her already tight schedule. I can't wait what this girl Brittany has to show to the world regarding her concepts of jewelry. Incidentally, another visitor dropped by to say some nice things and she left us her link http://tyka.blogspot.com When I'm done with this I will take a look at these two intriguing sites. I can't wait to click.


Brit said...

thank you for mentioning my new blog in your post! I appreciate it very much!

rarity said...

You're welcome. I am including your link in mine so I hope you can also link me in your site. I hope you also visited three of those listed on my list and also leave your link on the three so you can be visited by them.