Monday, March 19, 2007

Lara, our dog in heat

Lara came into our lives around eight months ago when our friend Nene gave her to us. She was just a two-month- old puppy and at first nobody wanted to touch her because she was very dirty, extremely thin with a stomach that bulged suggesting worms, and had skin diseases that showed her skin where there should have been hair. After a few days, her skin diseases became worst because I noticed that its color was turning bluish. I brought her to the city vet who gave her two shots and some daily medications. A week after, her appearance and gait had greatly improved and I saw that she was beginning to gain some confidence by being charming and playful with us. In short she had now become officially an additional member of our family. We discovered that beneath her seemingly shy and morose look lies a sweet and docile doggie that has simple taste for Lara eats anything. She is not choosy with her food unlike our first dog Pingping who wouldn't even look at the food if he does not like it. Generally, Lara has never given us problems except the few times she destroyed some pairs of sandals.However, the other day everybody noticed something different with her. When we saw the blood and the neighboring male dogs trying to make a score with her we said, "Oh, no! Not again!" The thought of Naughty, our first female dog, giving us dozens of litters was not a very happy thought. Lara is going to be a mother and we are going to have to deal with litters, one after the other...oh, no..

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