Monday, March 12, 2007

what is OPlink4traffic?

OPlink4traffic is short for Operation: link for traffic. Those of you who get thousands of visits in your sites a day need not read this. This project is only meant for site or blog owners who know that the survival of their sites is greatly challenged because of the absence or lack of traffic to sustain its continued existence. Let's face it. We all want traffic. We need traffic. More traffic means higher chances of increasing one's earnings. That is why we need OPlink4traffic. So this is how it should go. 3 easy steps---
1. Leave your link after this entry under comment. (Your site will be given a review or a short blog---FREE, plus a link-up)
2. Get my link so you can put it up in yours. (You might want to blog about it or just link me up, it's up to you, so long as my link is there)
3. Before you leave, VISIT or SURF or CLICK to 3 sites found in my list. (You may or may not want to blog about their sites, it's up to you)

You should also start the same campaign in your site. Ask visitors to leave their links, to link you up, then to visit 3 sites found in your linkages. Be aggressive in doing this because we want to reach out to as many new and struggling sites as we can. We need to help find traffic for each other. We need to promote each other's existence in order to gain some amount of visibility in the web. There are thousands of giant sites out there getting thousands of hits or visitors a day while newbies would get lucky to even get one visitor a day. See what I mean? That is why we need to do something. Let us be an active part of OPlink4traffic project. Other site owners have money to buy traffic while we only have each other to generate traffic in our sites. Please follow the three simple steps if you want to be a part of this.


Freelance said...

All right, I have received your comment about this website. I will register later. Thanks for providing such good site.

Freelance said...

Sorry just quickly browse through your post yesterday and I thought this site website to get more traffic to the blog, but actually it is wrong. Haha! :P After reading carefully, I just know this is your new project called OPlink4traffic. Haha! Anyway, I already follow the objective of OPlink4traffic. Please revisit my blog again. :)