Friday, March 16, 2007

My students--don't they all look so pretty?

Accountancy students in a Business Communication class portray the roles of BOD's and CEO's of the world's top ten companies/corporations as one way of shaping up for the global competition via the use of the English language.


tanya said...

i am tanya ktrina javier! HRM-Student in ST. PAUL UNIVERSITY DUMAGUETE..18 years old and leo is my zodiac..I was born with this talent to market talk and influence the people..being his g a Marketing Manager Of Le Chanre Boutique Dumaguete... Le Chanre Boutique was name after my boyriend,s name CHANRE Bernadez-Calderon. He is only 26 years old but looks 23..

dave dales said...

exactly, they are all pretty...and besides those accountancy students are not just pretty but also smart and intelligent..they can be trusted in any activities because they are responsible..some of them are my classmates when i was in high school and now in st.paul.

by: dave dales, BBA-2