Saturday, March 31, 2007

6-year-old girl arrested?

I got this interesting piece of news from Mylot forum about a 6-year-old girl who was arrested by the police at her school after hitting and biting her teacher. The girl had been yelling and screaming so when the teacher tried to calm her, she had, instead of obeying her teacher, started to hit and bite her. The others who were around tried to extract the little girl from the scene but when it was impossible to do so, they called the police who instantly arrested the wild misbehaving kid. The girl had been processed in jail like an adult.

This news story stirred various reactions from the community but on general concensus, members believe that violent behavior among children is a reflection of their home environment. There was a strong request for the girl's parents to take drastic measures to shape up the child

Scenarios like the one narrated above is not an isolated case. We hear of many cases of violence committed by children aged 5 to 10 and teen-agers aged 13-15 killing homeless people for fun. Now this is not fun anymore involving kids' stuff. This is about the future and what these kids who are exhibiting early signs of violence will do with their lives if adults do not intervene at the first instance early signs of violence are shown by these kids.

According to developmental psychiatrists, adult intervention is crucial from ages 1 to 6. After these ages, it will be hard to control our kids.

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