Tuesday, March 20, 2007

never too late

Driving had always fascinated me in the past. Everytime I took the passenger's seat and watch someone maneuver and ply the roads with not a tinge of fear, I would imagine how it would be like to be the one in control, to be at the wheel and go where I wanna go. That opportunity came, at last, at an age when most of my contemporaries would say "We're too old for that, Glen". Well, I have proven to them that the skill is not that hard to learn when you're "old". I am now driving while they, who've had their vehicles many years ago, still have to depend on their husbands or children driving for them. The good thing about being able to drive is that you become mobile, you can go places and accomplish many things even with little time. With a one-hour vacant period, I can finish 5 tasks without arriving late for my next class. I am doing this almost everyday shooting one task after the other----buying e-load, bondpaper, going to the local post office, to the bank, then to studio to pick up some pictures---did it in a breeze! All because I can drive myself to places. There is nothing more energy sapping than to wait for a pedicab or someone to drive for you each time you go from one place to another.

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