Thursday, March 15, 2007

relationships, fishing, poetry, motherhood

With sleeves all rolled up I feel I am ready to tackle the day's blog reviewettes. (Reviewettes? Ever heard of 'em? You have now. It is a new term I have coined to mean short, short reviews.) I am doing this in order to jumpstart each and every new weblog for it to be seen, recognized, and patronized in the long run. This may seem like an ambitious or tough endeavor, but I am doing it anyway. Today's featured bloggers come from a variety of backgrounds with a variety of interests.
Dale Mazurek, happily married for almost 20 years to a woman of his dreams who at first broke his heart many times before finally accepting him (you will read all about this on his blog), answers not just one or two or three relationship questions but 1000 issues concerning all sorts of relationships. For quick answers to your relationship problems, you may visit You wouldn't believe what I have to tell you next about the same guy Mazurek who resides in Canada, whose greatest passion in life is fishing. Yep, he learned fishing at the age of four and has been fishing for 35 years. He has a list of tips on the proper ways to fish at Our next blog stop called is your one-stop poetry destination. The owner had published her first book of poetry titled "Reflections of the Heart" and she is sharing with us many of her poems in that book on this blog spot. Pleeeeease visit her site. The lay-out is simply cool to the eyes. Is it because of the cover of the book which features the sea? Whatever it is, you can find out for yourself. is still in its infancy but early on I could see that the blog is more like a record of a woman's day-to-day struggles as career and family woman. The writer here claims ignorance to all that is happening in the net world but her introduction to the world of blogging might change all that.

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