Friday, March 30, 2007

the food we are eating could be slowly killing us

A certain food additive called MSG or monosodium glutamate or Ajinomoto has been dubbed by a study as "slow poison" or otherwise known as the international nicotine for food. Most popular fast food chains use MSG because of its addictive nature which keeps consumers coming back for more. MSG has also been pegged as the number one cause of obesity for it triggers the production of more insulin in the body. People rallying against the use or the buying of food containing MSG (read labels and ask restaurant owners what ingredients they are using) are racing against a Bill recently pushed by Bush banning anyone from suing food manufacturers. The bill is otherwise known as "Cheeseburger Bill" or "Personal Responsibility in Food Consumption" even if the truth is, restaurant owners deliberately use MSG in their food because of its addicting capacity.

We as consumers have the right to know this and it is up to us to make rightful decisions with regards to our buying and eating habits. After knowing how harmful MSG is to our body, it is about time that we spend some moments to read labels before buying anything that we use at home. We cannot do much about what these restaurants are serving us but we can be in complete control over what we buy and eat at home.


Chem said...

so how can we prevent it? its used a long time ago. whats the alternative product that doesnt have any bad effect?

rarity said...

Natural products are always best.

DAVE DALES said...

we have to be very extra carefull with the food that we ate, they maybe nice to see and smell.. but you have to know the ingredients on it... as we all know health is wealth..

dave dales, BBA-2