Friday, March 9, 2007

Public speaking

My affair with public speaking started many years back in Grade School when my Grade 6 teacher chose me to be one of the contestants for a declamation contest. That was the beginning. My teacher thought my voice quality was good and that I pronounced words well. This was further proven when the best speakers in the class were asked to audition for certain parts of the graduation play. The audition consisted of reading out a text from a book. I could not forget Mrs. Godinez at that time who was requested by the school to direct the play and personally handpick the pupils who played the different roles. I got the role of Mother Philippines, Sylvia Marino was Justice, Myrna Ragay played the role of Peace, and Sherree Badon was the graduate. There were other values portrayed by other classmates like Lilibeth Bongalos, Roberto Godinez, Clarissa Acebo, and others. From there, my participation in stage presentations that required public speaking became more frequent. I was a candidate for a "tula"contest in high school played the biggest part in a school play during the Founders' Day of St. Louis School where I was Hannah in a horror play entitled "Frost- bitten". The characters were limited to only three---Sherree, Elvie and myself. It was a very successful play and I wish I could get hold of the entire script of that play so I could stage it today. I hope Google will be helpful.

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Anonymous said...

public speaking is a one way of being confident,how to overcome your shyness to other a first timer of this activity i really feel nervous and shy at the same happened on our english 103 class when we have our impromtu speaking in a big goodness i can't take my legs and hands shaking when its my time to speak in front of the crowd..i really pray to God that i can deliver it well eventhough im already nervous at that time. but luckily i already deliver my that moment i realise that public speaking is very hard to do but at the same time it helps you to overcome your shyness. and very first thing you are expose to the people that help you to identify your talents..