Saturday, March 31, 2007

I just can't help reacting

Another heart-breaking news I read is this story of a brother who is dying of leukemia and that his sister has refused to help him even if she knows that her refusal could mean death for her brother. For more details of the news, you can read it at which talks of a sister's refusal to donate bone marrow to her bother for a life-saving operation. Simon Pretty is father of 3 children and is going to die from leukemia within months if he did not get that bone-marrow transplant which only his sister can give since his sister Helen who is 43 years old is a perfect match to his bone marrow. The chances of finding a match outside of the family is very slim and there are not enough donors. Pretty's doctors had helped him look for a match but couldn't find any. Only his sister holds the key to his survival but the sister already declined and refused to elaborate on her reason why. What can you say about this story? Do you think the sister has her own good reasons for doing this? You may want to share your views here.

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dave dales said...

first thing that i have in my mind is that her sister is so selfish..she knows that she will be the only person that can help her brother but she didn't donate her done marrow..maybe she was afraid of what will happen after the operation but she must overcome that that her brother will be saved...if i where in her situation, i will donate my bone marrow to my brother...cause its hard to carry that conscience for the rest of her life...

by: dave dales, BBA-2