Monday, March 26, 2007

the untold umbrella story

This is one episiode of my life which I find amusing when I remember it now. I was never a big fan of umbrellas when I was young.Until now I just do not know why I did not like carrying umbrellas whether it rained or shined. To my young mind at that time carrying one was not in harmony with my personality. Weird, right? My late mother who always carried one along was always mad at me for this weird attitude I had against this multi-purpose gadget called the umbrella. One day it was raining real hard and my mother insisted that I went to school with an umbrella. It was difficult to argue with her at that moment because I saw that she was boiling mad! That settled it. I brought an umbrella to school but under one condition----that I did not have to carry it inside the campus. My younger sister had to carry two umbrellas in school and when her classmates asked her why, she told them the truth and they all found it not normal. Today, I have gotten over that crazy feeling. I can now carry any umbrella whenever it rains.

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dave dales said...

it's normal to feel that way..most especially for us boys..we dont want to bring an umbrella..that it why i hate the month of june-august, coz obviously its the rainy month...but in other aspect, umbrella can really help us to be wet by the rain...and also can help us to avoid having cold and cough...

by: dave dales, BBA-2