Tuesday, March 27, 2007

so much hulabaloo for so little

Recently in our city there are certain sections that have been blocked because of road repairs or construction and the only way vehicles can get to their destinations is to make a longer tour. Of course this has created some inconvenience and eyebrow-raising. Why are these repairs only done now? Oh, I almost forgot that election time is up and coming in May. Better late than never but this is supposed to be good for the constituents. Okey, no use arguing that. However, I still could not understand this. There was a time when this major road in Daro was blocked because of this. The section was not avalaible from both sides so travelers had to make a turn to the other road. This lasted for quite a few weeks so when the blocks were finally removed and people were allowed to travel that area, I was in for a big surprise because the road area which they were trying to fix was actually very, very short---maybe only about a few meters . And it is not even done yet! What had they been doing during those weeks they were blocking the area? And to think that they had to subject people to so much inconvenience with so little or no proof of work progress at all. If you have noticed, the only thing they have done there was spread gravel all over the area. This has made it even more difficult than what it was before they attempted to "fix" it. What's going on? As a taxpayer I think I have the right to ask these questions. How much budget was alloted for this spreading of gravel in the area? How many men were paid to do that task any small child can do in a mattrer of minutes? I just don't get the whole thing.


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