Saturday, March 10, 2007

company blog

As blogging is now considered a very important marketing tool in business, more and more companies, especially those with offshore visibility, are using it to promote and grow their business. A company blog is less costly and offers a wider scope of visibility. It is not just enough for a company to have a static website. The trend now is to have an online promotional tool that is interactive in nature and highly flexible and that is what a blog does. It invites, informs, as well as answers questions customers ordinarily ask. It brings in more revenues because a blog can project the best image for the company and thus gain the trust and patronage of customers. However, the person who will handle the blog must know everything about the company, its ins and outs, its assets and deficits, etc. Most important of all, aside from this knowledge, the company blogger should know good English.

While this novel communication tool is still hugging the limelight, companies should waste no time and should start jumping in.

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