Wednesday, April 4, 2007

we are all into it

My family and I are now actively engaged in online activities which we would like to share with you. With only two computers and three active users in the house, taking turns, which means one will have to wait when two are busy doing updates, is the best set-up. People have to rest from online activity so I find much time left for me to get updated on my three online involvements which are , and of course, this blog. My son's is a very informative blog about pets, veganism, beauty, film reviews, and the likes while my daughter's still continues to occupy the top three rank in the world's top doll sites. We are getting some earnings on these sites and if you want to know more about them, just give them a visit by clicking to the links above.
By the way, above photo shows my son (in dark blue barong) winning the highest title in the province as "Hari Ng Negros 2006" (King of Negros 2006) with other contestants. Photo on top of it is my daughter, owner of cute-spot.

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