Saturday, April 21, 2007

massive relocation

One of the online tasks I hope to accomplish before the summer ends is the relocation or transfer of my blog entries from my other site which, I fear, is in danger of extinction, to this site. A great many very personal stuff had been stored there and which I spared this site for the squalid nature of those posts. But I guess there is something about squalor that makes for interesting read. If anything, it is something to watch for.


toonatoons said...

hi! are you talking about blogchex? i've seen your posts there, and early on, you said that you were already qualified for payout. were you actually paid by this site? i have 2 blogs there, too, so i guess, i'd have to transfer them to my blog at blogger, huh? what do you think?

We value all life forms said...

Yes, I am referring to that and no, they did not pay me and at the moment I could no longer access my account there. Stupid me.