Friday, April 27, 2007

let people hear how good you are

Whether you like it or not, whenever you are given the task to be the MC or host of a certain program you must have to put tons of enthusiasm to it. Get excited about it even if it is only a small affair and no talent fee is involved. Look at it as an opportunity to grow, to learn more about the craft, and to let people know how good you are at hosting. Having enthusiasm, excitement, love, or passion for the task at hand will pay off in the future as your skill will spread by word of mouth and people will be wanting you to host their shows or programs. Since you are only a beginner, the rule is to never say "no" to any invitation to host unless it is in conflict with a really important engagement you had earlier scheduled. Welcome any public speaking opportunity that comes your way and you're on the road to being a successful toastmaster.

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