Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Baby Dewey experiences her first sunburn after bathing too long yesterday at Dream Park swimming pool. We were there from 10:00 in the morning 'til mid-afternoon and we could have stayed longer had I not insisted that we had to go home. Today, she cries every now and then because the "sun is so bad" it damaged her skin. She's red all over from the sun's ultraviolet rays which leaves 1st degree burns on the skin or the outer layer of the skin. Other more severe cases of sunburn often lead to 2nd degree burns and would need medical attention. I did a quick research home treatment for sunburn and here are a few doables:

1. Wipe or dab cool cloth on sunburned areas.

2. Frequent cool showers or baths.

3. Apply soolthing lotions that contain aloe vera to sunburned areas.

Sunburn may also cause mild fever and headaches due to dehydration. Drinking plenty of fluids and aspirin will help alleviate the nasty feeling. Peeling of the skin is also to be expected after a few days.

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dave dales said...

Sunburn is rear now, because obviously its summer time...so we should be conscious of or skin...too much exposure under the haet of the sun will cause skin cancer..so we should use lotions that will protect our skin...

by: dave dales, BBA-2