Sunday, April 1, 2007

did some massive clean-up at Mylot

I was itching to come to this blog of mine but I got stuck up at Mylot community doing some massive clean-up of all my unresolved discussions. Since I became an active member of this community for over two months I have never really done anything to settle my unresolved discussions and there were pages and pages of them! In fact I wasn't able to start nor respond to many discussions because I was engrossed in rating and choosing best responses among the many that had piled up there. It was like raking tons of leaves that had accumulated on my backyard for many years. I hope I have accomplished half the task but I am resolved to clean up everything by tomorrow. For those who have not heard of Mylot yet, it is a fast- growing community with close to 84,000 members all over the world. Members get to meet people and discuss issues of specific or general concern. Members are paid according to their participation in the forum. Membership is free and if you want to be a member, just click to the link I have provided above and get the chance to interact with all sorts of people and at the same time get paid for it. On my next blog entry I will share with you the income I have earned from this site.

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