Sunday, April 8, 2007

informative, fun reading

A fellow Mylot user has shared the link to his blog which is

or what he calls "Tom's corner" which contains informative and helpful scientific breakthroughs that will surely be of interest to you. It is a different sort of blog because the author talks about his subjects like any pro does. His latest blog about clothes that help you dodge any untoward incidents is quite interesting. Then how about milk as substitute for cigarettes? Yes, the blogger discusses the possibilities or options a smoker may employ to quit smoking. So if it is information you want, you get it on this blog.


Andreea said...

Hello :)
I'm here from myLot, went to see your virtual pet :) It's a very nice pink dog by the way, I played with it for a while :)

I also have a hamster on my blog from the very same site but it isn't as smart as your dog LOL :)

Best wishes :)

rarity said...

REally? What does your hamster do and what is your blog? Thanks for visiting. God bless!