Saturday, April 28, 2007

Hey, guyz--new poll...

So we had resolved the issue on Britney's comeback or not. Time to take up a more serious concern which involves the entire human race---the issue on violence perpetrated or done by children as young as 9,10 to 17 killing and beating homeless people in the US and around the world. In fact over the past few months we have read news of 15-year-olds killing their own mothers. Why? Is it the lack or absence of discipline at home and in school that some of our children are behaving like monsters? Are we over-protecting our children needlessly from adult intervention that tries to correct misbehavior through discipline? Are our laws over-shielding our children so much so that we are actually encouraging violence among them who we are trying to protect by using the law against anyone who tries to intervene through punishment and discipline for misbehavior? In short are we letting our children grow up to become violent adults by abusing the law? All these questions can be answered if you join the poll where you only need to click for your answer. You are also welcome to leave your opinion if you desire.

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