Monday, April 2, 2007

Bonsai, the sweetest dog on earth

Bonsai was literally delivered to us by a friend because of Pongping who was only around 8 months old at that time while Bonsai must be about 6 to 7 months. Both are of Japanese Spitz lineage-- white, hairy, and noisy. But they had a difference. Pongping was and still is the big type while Bonsai was like the size of a poodle but everything else about her was a J. Spitz. When this friend of ours saw Pongping, she knew that her own cute puppy had her perfect match. When she mentioned her desire to breed Bonsai with Pongping, of course, I wholeheartedly accepted the offer for one more pet won't hurt. Since then, no breeding happened because everytime sweet little Bonsai had her period, Pongping became fierce with everyone, for he did not want us to go near Bonsai. Because of this I had decided to have him castrated. And it seemed like my friend, Bonsai's real owner, had forgetten all about her so she became another pet dog with no regrets on our part because she was the sweetest dog we've ever had. She was very meek and loving and she was a great source of joy to our family. However, things have changed when a baby came into our family. We had to separate them from us because of the baby. But of course, they had their own place close to our house but it was a big difference. One day, I just found Bonsai lying motionless on the floor. I ran up to her and cradled her in my arms but she was limp and lifeless. I knew that it was the helper's careless use of gas while trying to prepare to heat the native iron because in the past I had seen how Bonsai would cough out because of the smoke this activity created. I had instructed the helper never, never to do it anywhere near their place, but while I was not in the house at that time, this househelper just did it and I am sure that caused the death of our dear Bonsai. We cried for days as a result of that loss. The virtual pet I have here is in memory of Bonsai. Had that incident not happened, Bonsai would have been with us until now like Pongping. I just miss Bonsai.

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