Wednesday, April 11, 2007

blog about your passion

When my son told me to concentrate on blogging about my passion, I thought about that. What is or what constitutes my passion? It seems like I have a lot. You can say that I am a multi-faceted woman who loves to do many things like dance, sing, write, act, teach, laugh, make others laugh, etc. Just what is that one thing that I really love to do? First, I would like to cross out the things that I dislike to do----I dislike making grades (shhh....this is one task that really sucks), then I hate all sorts of household chores (I am officially lazy,LOL). I do not like travelling because taking the plane or boat keeps me gritting my teeth the whole time, I hate feeling sleepy when I want to accomplish more of my online activities. After I have crossed out those I hate to do, I am back to my passion. Yes! My passion! What is it? Anyone who can make a guess? I would love to hear from you.

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