Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Holy Week blues

Around Holy Week Christians start to prepare themselves for this weeklong spiritual journey involving some amount of physical pain and sacrifices, sorrow and repentance, and finally joyful celebration on Easter Sunday to mark the end of Holy Week at least for this year. There will be a lull everywhere, days are usually hotter, and there is this tinge of sadness hanging in the air anywhere you go because the streets are deserted except when there is the procession attended by all the faithful. Everything comes back to life on Easter Sunday and that's when everybody would want to rush to nearby beaches to celebrate the resurrection of Christ on Easter.


Wendy Friedrich said...

I am so impressed with your blog I keep coming for more. Your writing is informative and easy to read.

Attempting to add your site or exchange links sa soon as I figure out how? LOL Very new at this blogging thing but enjoying it very much

Thank you for your previous input Going to make you my mentor and learn all I can from you


rarity said...

Thanks for visiting Wendy. I'll blog about your blog in here. Do come tovisit it again.

dave dales said...

celebrating the holy week has been a tradition not only in the philippines but also in other christian countries... its a way of repenting in our sins and commemorating the death of our savior, people are used in going to church and praying along with their families... after the maundy thursday, good friday and black saturday comes the easter sunday wherein we celebrate the easter sunday, its a happy day so must of the people went to beaches or have their family gathering...... indeed, people are looking forward for each coming holy weeks..

dave dales, BBA-2