Monday, April 23, 2007


I've never been much of a noise-maker when it comes to celebrating my own birthday but yesterday, April 23, I just felt like making a little celebration. My family and I and a couple of friends packed some lunch and headed to Dream Park, a resort with two swimming pools and a beach nearby, nice shady areas where you could comfortably dine with your family. We ate lunch the first thing because we started from the house at around 12:30. After the meal, Dewey, friends Jessa Mae and Chula started to enjoy the water in the kiddie pool, while Love and Anthony took the plunge an hour later. Mark forgot to bring some swimming trunks so he missed the swimming part. I was ready with my attires but did not feel like touching the water, so......All in all, I think Dewey is going to have a little sunburn again but I hope not much. It was a nice birthday celebration---something I never had in years!

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