Wednesday, April 4, 2007

protect yourself from identity theft

Identity theft is one of the problems that had come about in connection with people's use of electronic methods to transact business.
Take one online friend for instance who had been billed by a credit card company for purchases or huge withdrawals he did not make. He almost got jailed for this but upon thorough checking they found out that somebody had used his identity to get a card and transact business using this card with his name on it. Sounds impossible but it happened. A blog owned by a friend I met at Mylot gives us the information we need to prevent identity theft and such other online crimes like phishing, vishing, pharming, hacking, and the likes. is worth your visit.You might not know it but you might be doing certain activities which might make you prone to any or all of these online anomalies. Get some helpful tips from a pro by clicking to the link which will directly lead you to her site.

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