Saturday, April 28, 2007

Britney's out of rehab

Britney Spears got out of rehab and had expressed her intention of writing a book telling the world about how her relationships with ex-bf Justin Timberlake, ex-hubby, and parents had pushed her off the wall and led her into doing the series of scandals that had screwed her life. Her family had been devastated of this news and had hoped that the once-popular teen star will be able to get back on her feet and think twice about what she says because everything will always go back to her.

As of today, poll results reveal that people are not quite sure whether the one-time pop princess will be able to successfully go back to the limelight and enjoy the same popularity she once had after the scandals. To the question on whether Britney Spears will be able to make a successful comeback after rehabilitation, 38.46% said "maybe", 23.08% said "no", another 23.08% answered "I don't care" and only 15.38% answered "yes".

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