Friday, April 20, 2007

hosting as a skill

Successful hosting does not just happen. It's a combination of talent polished into a skill. Yes, effective hosting can be learned through constant good practice. The earlier a person starts, the better. I remember my own children being assigned to host when they were in kindergarten. Of course at first they had to rely on scripts but later on as they progressed to higher levels, I have noticed marked flexibility in their hosting styles. Scripts became merely a guide and not the exact determiner of their spiels. This happened only after many years of practice.

The rule of thumb to follow if you want to improve your skill in hosting is to always accept assignments or invitations to host certain events. This will broaden your opportunities for growth in this area.

When invited to host, the first question to ask will be "Where will it be held"? The venue gives the emcee a clue into the degree of formality of the program. For instance, a show maybe held at the Luce Auditorium in which case the audience will be expected to wear something formal or decent. If the show is going to be staged at the pubic market, then you can come in more comfy attire. If the event will be held at the SU gym, then casual attire would be acceptable. Likewise the formality of the language varies according to the nature of the show.

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