Friday, April 20, 2007

the fool down the road

A few days before the Virginia Tech massacre happened killing 33 people all caused by one Korean gunman, I walked my dogs one morning. The instant I stepped out of our gate, the sight of a man in tattered clothes bringing something like a bat instantly put me in panic mode. There was no way that I could make my dogs go back in because we had just stepped out of our gates. Undecided of what to do as the insane person was heading towards our direction, I entered a neighboring gate which was open, hoping that he would just pass by. But no, the fool followed us inside. There was no one around and this man had started talking to himself while his loose pants were about to fall and his dirty "thing" was hanging. Ugh! How disgusting can my morning get! I thought fast while he was busy conversing with "people" in his head, I started to dash out of the area with my dogs. I decided to go back home but my dogs didn't want to go in yet and I knew that forcing them to get inside while they had not been walked for at least 30 minutes would make my fierce dog very angry and would even bite me if I force him to do something he did not like to do. The fool followed us again and stood maybe 3-4 meters away from my dogs while I was giving instructions to my helper to lock the gates. I was afraid to go in yet because the insane man might follow and go inside the house where my granddaughter was still asleep. I shouted at the fool not to go near the dogs for he will be bitten if he did that, but he just muttered something like "let them bite, let them bite". In order to banish him from the vicinity, I started to run again, this time towards another direction, towards a place where there were security guards. There are two places near our house where security guards are posted 24 hours---one is at Royal Suite and the other place is at Ang Tay Golf Range. True enough, the man stopped following us. But holy cow, I've reached this age and had read many books but I realized that I didn't know how to deal with an insane person, that dealing with situations like this is not gained by experience nor from books. If a man who is loaded with guns and ammunition suddenly appears in one class while the teacher is in the middle of his lecture, what should the teacher do? How about the students? What is the best thing to do here?

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