Wednesday, April 4, 2007

some turtles move faster than most people

Is it me or what? But I find people who move in slow motion most annoying. I have nothing of course against the aged or those who are sick or handicapped but I mean those who are supposed to be healthy but move like they are going to die any minute. I have seen this a lot in some workers who seem to be taking their sweet time regardless of the long queue of people waiting to be served while they chitchat a little, fix their hair a bit, pull their blouses down, answer the phone or a comment made by the next clerk, before finally attending to the customer who is at the mercy of her next move. I was standing next in line to this customer who was having a cartload of groceries to be punched while the cashier was taking her sweet time doing other stuff before finally starting her work. But as I watched her felt like choking her to make her move normally. The way I looked at her she seemed like she was deliberately annoying us. No kidding, the lady cashier was moving in SLOW MOTION. I did not let this pass. I made a loud comment to the customer she was attending about how slow the service was. Of course the cashier heard this and this made her move faster with more focus on her work now. Another instance that raised my blood pressure was this helper who was opening the gate for me to get in and it took her years to do that and I was like, hey, have you not eaten anything? Which is impossible with the huge body she has. I told her can't she move faster than that? I am a lot older but I do not move that way. Just the mere opening of the gate took her years. I just don't get it.

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dave dales said...

oh yes! some people are moving very slow pretending to be a turtle eventhough they are not, i think the prime reason behind thet is that they are just LAZY... you can do all your works if you wanted to. you just have to move like a real people.

by: dave dales, BBA-2