Sunday, April 1, 2007

"Michael Jackson in the house!"

That was the "battlecry" of one of the butchers in the meat section of the city's public market as Michael Jackson's "Black or White" rocked the whole fish and meat section amidst the fish and meat vendors' loud voices. Yes, it had been quite a while since I had delegated the task of food marketing to one of my helpers but today I have decided to go to the market myself. What a surprise it was to hear the song of Michael Jackson emanating from amplifiers recently installed almost everywhere in the already noisy part of the market. Wow! I felt like jumping myself. In fact, I saw one young lady butcher really jumping to the hot beat of "Black or White" while holding a huge butchering knife with one hand. I preferred to keep my distance so I edged my way into the thick of marketeers and vendors. The idea of putting some music in that area is amusing but maybe they should choose the mellow type of songs because it seems like fast beats make everyone jumpy in that place. But really, it's a nice improvement. Just a thought, do you think playing Beethoven or Mozart in there will have more positive results? Like make people more refined in their words and deeds? You see, having rock music in that area among butchers may not be a very good idea. What dya say?

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