Friday, August 3, 2007

I discovered reading quite late

I was already in Grade V when I discovered the world of reading---not by myself, but from other classmates who would not stop talking about those Grimms' Fairy tales. They'd borrow and take home books from our small public school library and talked about them the following day. I became intrigued so I got into the fad and borrowed my first book. I read it in one sitting for everything was so captivating. I borrowed my second book the next day and finished it again on the same day. From then on, I got myself hooked. I could no longer stop myself from borrowing a new book each day until the day came when I had already borrowed and read all the books in English. Now that was a real letdown, so I turned my attention to books written in our own native language. Yes, I borrowed all of them too because of this "thirst" which I needed to quench everyday.

From books, I have switched my attention to magazines which I'd buy from time to time. I did not buy them regularly because that would be too expensive. Sometimes I'd just read them in the library. (more next post)

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Anonymous said...

Learning to read in adulthood stage is quiet difficult or may be a different process than learning to read in childhood days. Reading books is as being a relaxing past-time, while at the same time you have gained or learned something. So, it is better to read ahead and be knowledgeable.