Monday, August 13, 2007


Communication is a very powerful tool. It can make or unmake mankind. Wtihout it, all the inventions and advancements in technology wouldn't be here and we wouldn't be enjoying the phenomenal success of the virtual world in making nations just a click away from each other. Had the likes of Bill Gates kept their discoveries to themselves, we would not be enjoying all these comfortable advancements in communicating with people in other countries the fastest possible way.

People who have the power to communicate with others effectively will go a long way. They will have the best jobs and the best positions because people who can communicate well will be able to sell themselves effectively.

Companies and even individuals spend much in training their new hire the proper ways of interacting or connecting with people aside from the traditional newspaper or television style.
People are now getting online as an interactive way of marketing products and services. The internet is the most amazing communication tool to date. It has changed many areas of people's lives. It has changed the traditional concept of advertising. Advertising today using the internet is less costly and more targetted. Advertisers can now access the homes of people who need their products or services.

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Anonymous said...

Communication is very important. It is important in our daily lives. Through communication we can communicate each other, talk each other and especially understand each other. Communication is important especially in my course if i would be a future businessman and deal clients and other people.