Monday, July 30, 2007


I have to admit that the niche I have chosen for this blog here lacks the "flava" and coolah that characterize personal blogs. Ho-hum--I get sleepy myself talking about almost the same thing----communication---day in and day out. But this is the path I have chosen this blog to follow---it's a blog about all aspects of communication---there are different areas there, right?

And about the title "Everydaywear"----please don't take it literally and start looking for clothes or garments. This is the story. This blog is my first blog. I wanted it to be the catch-all of everyday happenings in my life---a sort of personal journey. I wanted it to contain a record of the most mundane events in life. However, just lately, I have heard about making niches and so I have created other blogs to contain different items about life. I have decided to make this a blog on anything having to do with COMMUNICATION. For my personal gripes, I have Offbeatmom, for any money concerns I got Speak4money, for party ideas there's Coolkidsparty, and for other sites I got Clix4pay and finally for pet concerns I got Petloverscafe---a total of 6 blogs. Just recently I became a member of Helium and had written 11 articles. Need a life? But this is my life! Need I ask for more? Oh, I've done that and seen them all. When one reaches a certain age, one can choose to sit on a rocking chair to knit, crochet, or read a nice book. I have chosen to have some online presence and so far am not regretting it.

Life? This is it.

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