Wednesday, August 8, 2007

oratorical vs. extemporaneous style of speaking

There is a big difference of course. Oratory is more formal in language and overall body movement while the extemporaneous style allows for blunders in words and deed. Oration is something memorized and which takes at least a month to master and synchronize the mastery of the piece with appropriate gestures. Everything is studied, every move and every word and there should be no mistake about the purpose of the speech which is to convince or persuade. The extemporaneous method has more freedom in that nothing is memorized. The speaker here of course has had enough time to do research or study the topic to be discussed but how the goods will be delivered (language and style) will be determined at the moment of delivery. Errors in language and public speaking skills are seen in the second method. There is the tendency to be choppy in the course of delivering the speech extemporaneous style because connecting ideas into a harmonious piece is not like a walk in the park. As the speaker labors and struggles for the next thought, gaps and breaks flaw the speech and if the speaker is just beginning to learn the tricks, this can be one laborious experience for the audience.

One who is good in oratory may turn out an imbecile in the other style and vice versa. It takes hard work, long training and practice to be adept at both.

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