Friday, August 24, 2007

when there are two hosts

In a show or program with two hosts the organizers should make sure that these two people who will take charge of the show can very well work together or have beautiful chemistry together. Otherwise, they could turn the show into a disaster.

This is what happened to a show we watched last night. The two hosts weren't in synch with each other, they were working their own separate ways, and they merely followed the flow of the script in their most lifeless style.

The show had a lot of waiting or gaps. In cases like this the hosts, especially if there are two of them, should come in and fill in the gaps. One of the two hosts tried to do this by doing some adlibs but his co-host just killed him each time and was very poor in responding to his attempts to save the show.

The emcee makes or unmakes a show. In this case, the show failed dismally for getting the wrong hosts.

The master of ceremonies is key to the success of a show. Poor or lousy hosting equals flop. The two hosts last night obviously failed in these areas:

1. They had no teamwork, they did not know what they were doing.
2. Poor audience contact. They were not there.

With that I say, when you can hire one good host, do it. But make sure he is a good one. Never sacrifice the quality of your show for unprofessional or amateur hosts.


Anonymous said...

still two heads are better than one...-william olam

Anonymous said...

with two host, they can easily create good ideas with them thinking. especially if they really jive together. also, one of them can represent the audiences thus having a good interactive show.-william olam

Anonymous said...

An old saying, and an obvious one, it means that two people have a better chance at solving a problem than just one of them. This statement may be obvious to everyone reading it, but you would be surprised to find out how many software companies don't believe in it. i really believe in the power of two.-william olam

Anonymous said...

ideas are important on stage. it will help the audience interact with the show so two people is good. inter-action will be evident.-william olam