Saturday, August 18, 2007

speaking is a bit like driving

Speaking or communicating, whether publicly or privately, is much like driving. You need FOCUS or full undivided attention while doing the task in order for you to achieve a unified and well-substantiated speech.

A speaker shouldn't stray from the main topic. He should be able to stir every line of his speech into a unified piece by staying focused. There are, however, speakers with very little concentration span. They flutter from one idea to another without connection or repeat one idea over and over again for obviously lack of what to say. It takes practice and the ability to listen to the advise of professional speakers to make one become a very focused speaker.

Only two things should occupy the mind of the speaker while giving a speech:

1. the message

2. the audience

So you have a message to deliver----- do it sincerely from the bottom of your heart and mind. Look at your audience and give them the message.


Jian Hong said...

Hi i found your link at mylot. You have an interesting blog. =)

We value all life forms said...

Hi Jian hong! Thanks for coming.I went over to one of your blogs and left a comment there. You got a very informative blog on self-improvement. Keep it up!